Someone borrowed my phone to text their mom, I"m just curious what they were talking about. I can pick out bits and pieces like wanting to know movie times and bringing tickets as proof, and you also have to keep in mind my phone may have auto corrected some stuff so hopefully you can figure out what certain words actually were.

-mom no se si el flaco se va a quasar boy a estate en la casa como a alas 11

-ok donde vas he no se si se va a kedar ok

-estoy an las piculas

-si ok cual ves he y alas 11 loca

-si me traen el tike y palomitas

-ok mom te lo prometo

-ok bendesidos sean

-vas a ir a degar al flaco ok

-akioras llegas he

-como a las 11

-apensava a empesar la movie

-no jueges he


-ok el sabe k esas ora llegas

-pero entonces como 10:45

I tried Babelfish and Google but words are all mixed around and some are obviously typos as they don't translate. I know they're talking about "skinny" being at the house or something, what time the movie would end but can anyone translate clearer?