Hello everyone, and buenos días a todos.

I am translating the song Héroe by Tierra Santa into English. I think I have done well with most of it but there are two lines in particular I don't quite understand. I'll show them in context with the whole first verse, along with my translation:

Qué impulsa tu mirada
What drives your gaze

buscando el alba cada vez
to seek each dawn

si no has podido alcanzar nunca su luz
if you have never been able to reach its light

Qué te hace estar tan viva
What makes you so alive

arrancando esa sonrisa cada vez
bringing out smiles every time

cada vez que eres tú
every time you're you

Tu voz es tu silencio
Your voice is your silence

mirar es hablar dentro de ti*
to look is to speak within you*

con la fuerza de tu corazón
with the strengh of your heart

Y saber que es un viaje a la nada
And to know that it's a journey to nowhere

que hay un cielo que no escucha
that heaven isn't listening

y tus lágrimas no ven*
and your tears don't see*

The lines with * are the ones I'd like help with. Of course, I welcome feedback on the rest of my translation as well

For that last line, I can think of three possible meanings, and I don't know which if any are correct...

que hay un cielo que no escucha y tus lágrimas no ven
that heaven isn't listening and your tears don't see (heaven)
that heaven isn't listening and you, through your tears, don't see (heaven)
that heaven isn't listening and they (in heaven) don't see your tears

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated ¡Muchas gracias!