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Thread: Problem with a sentence structure.

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    Default Problem with a sentence structure.

    I am translating from Spanish to English and I am having trouble with a particular sentence in the translation. I have highlighted that sentence in bold black letters both in the paragraph in Spanish that I'm translating from, as well as in my english translation

    "Antes era el intercambio de espías y seguramente no se descarta, pero Washington debe capturar al espía de Moscú, si lo hay en Estados Unidos. Yo creía que La Habana le ofrecería asilo, pues Snowden sabe tanto a favor de países adversarios de Estados Unidos y en contra de estos, pero los actuales son otros tiempos La Habana-Washington."

    There used to be spy exchanges before, and surely that option hasn't been discarded, but Washington must capture a Moscow spy, if there even is one in the United States. I thought that Havana would offer him asylum, since Snowden is so much in favor of countries that are adverse to and against the United States, but these current ones are different from the past Havana-Washington times."

    Please let me know if I've translated it correctly or not or if there is a better way of saying it. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Problem with a sentence structure.

    Hi Checa, I think that are at least 1 word missing in the Spanish paragraph, "Pero los actuales son otros tiempos para La Habana-Washington" has more sense.

    in this case you can translate it as:

    But the current ones are different times for Havana-Washington.


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    Default Re: Problem with a sentence structure.

    Your highlighted words mean 'but the current ones are other Havana-Washington Times.'
    I think Salvadorm is right in adding an extra Spanish word to make the sentence more meaningful.

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