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Thread: email from friend from cuba

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    Default email from friend from cuba

    hey everyone my friend from cuba email me but the translator isnt explaing it well to me can someone please translate it. thanks

    hola como estan.Espero que bien. Que pasa que no me responden mis correos le e escrito 2 y no e tenido respuesta .Por favor respondanme les mando muchos saludos los quiero cuidense mucho .

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    Default Re: email from friend from cuba

    Hello ochana 25,

    Online translators cannot translate texts with misspellings, bad grammar, lack of punctuation marks, etc.

    Here it's my translation:

    Hello! How are you all? I hope you all are doing fine. What's happening? Why haven't you replied my E-mails. I have sent you 2, and I have not gotten any response. Please, reply. I send you all my regards. I love you guys. Take care.


    Xˇchitl (Soh-cheel) L.

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