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Thread: Rough translation: Spanish "Dance hall" song to English

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    Default Rough translation: Spanish "Dance hall" song to English

    If someone were willing to do it, I'd appreciate a rough translation of "Siente La Melodia": JML Ft Novato, Mad Muasel, Shinjiman & La Crespo - Siente La Melodia - YouTube . Pretty much, I want the gist of the lyrics (i.e. "The guy is singing about how much money he makes" or "the woman is singing about how great music is" ). If you want to give a line-by-line translation of the lyrics, that's even better and I'll be able to use it, but I don't need/want that yet.
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    Default Re: Rough translation: Spanish "Dance hall" song to English

    I am sorry keefofeek, but this isn't a free translation service, but a tool for translators to consult.


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