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    Hi...how would you translate the following paragraph:

    Si la fecha de creación de la cancelación (fecha1) es mayor al último día del mes anterior al que se ejecuta el proceso (fecha2), se muestra la diferencia en días entre Fecha2 y Fecha1 siempre y cuando sea menor a 30 días.

    is this ok??

    If the creation date of the cancellation (date1) is later than the last day of the previous month to the execution of the process(date2), the difference in days between Date2 and Date1 is displayed as long as the result is less than 30 days.

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    Hey Dani

    I have absolutely no idea what the text is talking about (a little context would help) but your wrd order is off.. for what i understand. I would say: If the date when the cancellation was created is ....

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