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Thread: " pechoncho " ..... anyone familiar with this word?

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    Default " pechoncho " ..... anyone familiar with this word?

    the word is "pechoncho" ... example:

    hola amiga, aqui te envio los correos electronicos de tu pechoncho, espero te sirvan, bye

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    Default Re: " pechoncho " ..... anyone familiar with this word?

    Hello Zippy,

    In Mexico we are familiar with "pechocho" y "rechoncho", but not "pechoncho".

    "Pechocho o pechocha" is a way to call someone (especially loved ones) precioso o preciosa (precious). For example, when I call my kids I say: "Come to mommy, pechochos".

    Or I tell someone I know: "Your pechocho (precious baby) is getting so big!!"

    As of "rechoncho", we use it to say in a "nice" way that someone is fat.
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