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Thread: Ayuda me por favor

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    Default Ayuda me por favor

    Hola, yo hablo un poco español pero yo no puedo comprender este video. ¿Puedes escribir que ellos dicen en español?

    YouTube - LA TELE DE TU VIDA - Javier Bardem de Superman (1989-1990)


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    Default Re: Ayuda me por favor


    Name: Chen Chunyan Cindy ***: female
    Date of birth: march 1985 Marital status: Unmarried
    Profession: Business English Education: University Undergraduate
    Graduate School: Jiangxi normal university
    Registered Permanent Residence: Jiangxi province

    work experience
    2006.12-2007.06 Jingdezhen international education center college
    As an English teaching assistant, responsible for a week adult classes appreciation of foreign ceramics and spoken English translation impromptu classroom translation.
    2007-09-2008.03 Jingdezhen Comprehensive School
    As an English teacher. Mainly for College English teaching to Freshman, Sophmore whose major are not English Business
    Current Employer New idea translation
    parts Escort interpreting
    *International Ceramic FairJingdezhen ICF, as an volunteer serving for 18 customers from America, England, Austria, Finland, Australia, Canada and so on
    *Molds, Ice Bag and so on
    *Watch (Lebanese customers)
    *Simply Beautiful Beaded Jewelry(Indian customers)
    *Electron component(Indian customers)
    *Printing supplies(Turkey customers)
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    Çok teşekkürler (thank you so much!)

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