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Thread: las quiero mucho comete la papá

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    Default las quiero mucho comete la papá

    Can anyone help with this? I don't understand what the father is saying to his daughter?


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    Default Re: las quiero mucho comete la papá

    Hi Amanda
    This phrase doesn't make much sense in Spanish. I guess there must be a mistake in it. Can you check if the source is ok?

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    Default Re: las quiero mucho comete la papá

    Spanish is not my specialty, but doesn't it mean something like:
    I love you a lot. Eat your food.
    (He would have to be talking to his daughters, and the accent on papa should not be there.)

    from Word Reference:
    papa 2 sustantivo femenino mush, pulp
    (para un niño pequeño) baby food: tengo que darle la papa al niño, I've got to feed the baby.)
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