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Thread: help!!!!

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    Default help!!!!

    Hi could you correct my translation of the following paragraph:

    "La razón de ser de los procesos validadores de datos, es apoyar al proceso de migración de datos de un sistema externo a XXXX. Los validadores verifican el contenido de los datos migrados, que tengan valor los campos que requieren tener valor, y en los casos que así se requiera, se verifica que el contenido de un campo sea válido"

    english version:
    The main purpose of the data validation processes is support the data migration process from an external system to XXXX. The validators verify the content of the migrated data by checking that the fields have a value if they so required and by verifying that the content of a field is valid if so specified.


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    Default Re: help!!!!

    Mi intento:

    The reason for the data validation procedures are to facilitate data migration from an external system to XXXX. The processes verify the contents of the migrated data, ensure fields that require data indeed have it, and, in cases that require it, ensure the content of a field is valid.

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