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Thread: joyas miniadas

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    Default joyas miniadas

    The very beautiful sentence stands:

    Desde hace un tiempo, la reproducción facsímil de alta calidad ha hecho llegar al público las joyas miniadas o los más exquisitos mapas de todos los tiempos

    and my attempt:

    For a long time, the high quality facsimile reproduction has allowed the general public to reach the painted miniature jewels or the most exquisite maps of all time.

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    Default Re: joyas miniadas

    miniature painted treasure/gem

    In English you can call something a gem or a treasure to say that it is something you really like or value. For example, "Solfinker, you're a gem!" Maybe joyas refers to the maps as being really valuable, like treasure. Maybe "o" in the original sentence means "es decir".

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