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    Default walk in

    ¿Cómo traducirían esto?
    "Anyone is welcome to walk-in and speak with an available staff member"
    Mi intento:
    "Cualquiero es invitado a venir y hablar con un miembro disponible del personal."

    La verdad no me convence. Si me pueden sugerir algo mejor se los agradecería mucho.

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    Default Re: walk in

    First of all, I think walk-in should be walk in, NO hyphen.

    I think the implication of "walk in" is that a person can come in with no appointment.

    A "walk-in" (noun) is a person who shows up for something with no appointment. Often hair salons, for example, will have signs saying "Walk-ins are welcome."

    Maybe that will help you translate it into Spanish. I do not know if Spanish has an equivalent expression.

    "Walk-in" can also be an adjective, as in walk-in closet (big enough to walk into) or walk-in clinic (again, no appointment needed). example: http://www.lwcfl.com/
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    Default Re: walk in

    If we are talking about a sign near the premises in question, I would say 'Entre y pregunte a cualquier empleado' o 'Le invitamos a pasar y preguntar a cualquier empleado'
    In other case, I would say: 'Cualquiera puede pasar y hablar con un empleado disponible' o 'Cualquiera puede pasar y hablar con un miembro disponible del personal'.
    I agree with mariaklec about the absence of the appointment.
    It depends on the situation. Eventually I would say: 'Le invitamos a venir y hablar con un miembro disponible del personal'

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