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Thread: Please Help me FAST!

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    Smile Please Help me FAST!

    I have to do this to tomorrow, and I'm really in a crisis.

    So therefore I ask you, kindly to do me a small favour.

    I have some sentences I need translated into Espaņol. I've already translated the rest, but this is the first part which my mate couldn't translate, and I haven't got the time today. PLEASE be kind and do this for me tonight. These are really simple sentences I believe. Please don't make the language too advanced either.


    I'm going to tell you about a South Park episode where Peruvian Flutebands play an important role.

    In this episode, the world sees an increasing amount of Peruvian Flutebands all over the world.

    The governments grow tired of it, and send them to jail.

    When the Flutebands are in jail, huge guineapigs seem to take over the cities where the bands had played.

    It turns out that the Peruvian Flutebands had protected the world against these creatures thourgh their music.

    In order to save the world, the Peruvian Flutebands had to return to the cities.

    But this is not as easy as it sounds.

    You can watch this episode online.


    Please, I ask you as a fellow human being, please help me!

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    Post Re: Please Help me FAST!

    Hi PleaseHelp!

    This reminded me the song "Come Fly With Me". (I'm a Sinatra, Dino and Buble fan, you know.)

    "Come fly with me, let's float down to Peru
    In llama land there's a one-man band
    And he'll toot his flute for you
    Come fly with me, let's take off in the blue"

    Maybe it helps you a little...

    After all, if you do have time to post this here, maybe you can also find it to make an attempt by yourself first.

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