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Thread: Translating part of a church hymn

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    Default Translating part of a church hymn

    (before reading this: if you're not big on religion, please back out now.
    antes de leerla: si no te gusta a religión, por favor, te vuelve atrás ahora.)

    I'm doing it mostly for fun and my desire to keep my Spanish up to practice. Here's the following excerpt:

    "It is finished. It is finished. Hear the dying Savior cry."

    My version in Spanish is:

    "Se acabó. Se acabó. Oye Al Salvador muriendo mientras llora."

    Not only would I like to be sure it's correct , I would like to know if I'm using the proper verb. I know that "to be finished" is acabarse or terminarse. Those are the same in denotation (literal definition), but I'm unsure which one is more appropriate to use in this situation because I wish to express firmly that God did indeed finish it.

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    Post Re: Translating part of a church hymn

    ¡Hola Griff09! / Hi Griff09!

    Finished = Acabado, finalizado, concluido, terminado, consumado.

    La primera parte creo que está bien. Mantiene el sentido de que todo ha concluido después de la muerte del Señor. / The first part I think it's correct. It keeps the meaning that everything has terminated after the Lord's death.

    Quizás: "Oye el llanto del Salvador muriendo" se entendería mejor. / Perhaps: "Oye el llanto del Salvador muriendo" would be better to understand.

    Espero que pueda ayudarte. / Hope this could be of help.
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