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Thread: Can Someone Help me?

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    Default Can Someone Help me?

    I need someone to help me translate something.

    I just spent some time in Costa Rica. I know very little spanish, and the trip was sort of a last minute thing. Anyway, while down there I met an amazing woman...only problem is that it is hard for us to communicate. We are going to be writing eachother and I do not want her to have to translate my english. Is there anyone in here that could help translate something for me that I want to write to her? If you could please message me I would really appreciate any help I can get. THANK YOU

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    Cool Re: Can Someone Help me?

    Hello bugsy!

    I'd be glad to help you out with that. Seems a nice story, moreover I'm pursuing my degree in translations, so I'll be a cool challenge.

    Send it over whenever you want!


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