hello friends here I am bothering to help me translate this song from English to Spanish if you help me and I hope that traduscan me because I'm very bad for me English so I know you gotten down to help me with the translation here is the song:

"Hey, Hayate" "Yes, Ojou-sama"
"Love... what's that?" "Eh..."

The careless heart's weak point in school is the pure heart (Thoughtlessness gets a love-love return)
Even if you don't avoid responsibility, love develops (Turn around and everything is different)
I feel strange when you confidently hold me like that (Braveness turns you into a rag)
Stop the angelic smile just before escaping (Suddenly the boy meets a girl)

Today's melancholy isn't suited for LOVE (This Days and that Days aren't suited)
My big revolution
I want to say it (Clearly)
I won't say it (As I thought)
I want you

What's your order?
Come over here
I'm coming right now
Take a strike to insensitivity (Like)
To something gentle I say: No, thank you
(Don't miss it) That day, that time, at that place
It's your fate to be friendly (You were there)
That's why the girl falls in love (Baby Face falls in love)

The heart has a sweet tooth and it's time to eat passion now (Give it a large serving of candy sweets)
If you lend me your ears I can say: Look, it ate too much (My cheer is with you, baby)
It's a great secret plan, but the planning is poor (Really great? But on second thought, never mind)
The Angel is yawning, it's a miracle to escape (The dreams came true, the boy meets a girl)

Today I'll write a "great!!!" in my blog (I'll write down this Dreams and that Dreams)
This is an important advice for the future!
Search it (Surf it)
Google it (Copy-and-paste it!)
Together with you!

Ka Ra Ko I
Are you calling me?
How cool
I will grant you everything
I only need a minimum of courage to stand on tiptoe and kiss you (...of courage...)
(Don't miss it) That was a miracle and if you call me
Not so suddenly (I will suddenly come will falling cherry blossoms)
It becomes soft and colorful love (Baby Face is in love)

The starry sky of mimosa is covered up with 2 hearts
The angel pulled out an arrow...
Can't it be a love romance? (Suspense!)
Non-fiction? (Mystery Genre!)
I can't tell my true feelings
No-no (Your sleeping posture)
My sleeping posture? (Shocking)
When I opened my half-open eyes
Our eyes met

Ka Ra Ko I
Who is it?
Because it's love
Our eyes met
It's not affection! It's love! (It's love!)
To something gentle I say: No, thank you
(Don't miss it) That day, that time, at that place
It's your fate to be friendly (You were smiling)
That's why the girl falls in love (In Happy end she falls in love)

"Love, love... I wouldn't hesistate to tell you about affection, but..."
"I got it Hayate!"
"What, Ojou-sama?"
"You don't know what love is"

I hope that will help me if their response is as fast as possible thanks and look if the translation ances