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Thread: My translations are screwed up

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    Default My translations are screwed up

    I have been training my dogs in Spanish for 4 years. I spent 8 years in Spanish and was bi-lingual. However, a brain injury wiped it out. I now only remember bits when I get upset or really messed up in the hospital :-P

    I have had teachers from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Espana. So now I think the commands I am using I have mixed things up, or mixed tenses. If someone could help with the commands below and give me the correct ones:

    (Also, please excuse the lack of correct grammerical marks. I don't have my keyboard set up for them)

    Stay: Estancia
    Sit: Sientese
    Stop: Parada
    Down: Abajo
    Silence: Silencio
    Come here: Venido aqui!
    Up: Enima de
    Back: Parte posterior
    Lay down: Coloque
    Get up: Levantese
    Go to you house!: Vaya a su casa!
    Get down!: Consiga abajo
    Careful: Con cuidado
    Behave: Comportese
    Listen to me: Eschucha me
    Let's Go: Vanamos of Vamos

    I need command for UP as well.

    Please do not laugh at my translations. They are literally stuck in mind and I will pop out a phrase. I am hoping to restart classes soon to rewire my brain from the brain damage and get my spanish back. Hopefully no more waking up from surgery to find a spanish translator and I can't conciously speak it... *cry*

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    Default Re: My translations are screwed up

    [Stay: Estancia it could be "quedate quieto" Quieto" Depends on the situation.
    Sit: Sientese if you use sientese, you are very formal, instead use sentate, o sentado i'd rather use the latter one
    Stop: Parada basta , if it means stop doing sth.
    Down: Abajo ok
    Silence: Silencio ok
    Come here: Venido aqui! veni acā
    Up: Enima de arriba
    Back: Parte posterior hacia atrās
    Lay down: Coloque acostate/acostado i'd rather use the latter
    Get up: Levantese arriba
    to you house!: Vaya a su casa! a tu lugar
    Get down!: Consiga abajo recostado
    Careful: Con cuidado ok
    Behave: Comportese comportate
    Listen to me: Eschucha me ok, but all together, escuchame
    Let's Go: Vanamos of Vamos vamos

    I need command for UP as well. it is ARRIBA, if it's sitting or laying down
    hope it helps,
    By the way, if you can have a look at my threads i posted on this same field, i'd appreciate it, nobody has aswered them yet.

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