(the online translators don't work. i know its long, but i really need your help!! I have to write an essay about my childhood, so please use preterit AND imperfect tenses to translate this. thanks for taking your time! if you cant do the whole thing at least do some of it. it ll really help me out. Thanks!

When I was 9, I lived in Fremont. During this time, I had just come to America from my home country. Fremont was very boring for me, since I did not know anyone. Also, there were no kids in my neighborhood, so I could not play with anyone. I moved to Fremont during the 4th grade summer because my dad's job was here. I lived with my mom, my dad, and my sister.

When I first came to Fremont, I was very skinny and short. Since I was lonely during the summer, I was at home watching television most of the time. I liked to play soccer, but there was no one to play with. So, over the summer, I was at home doing nothing but watching tv and playing on the computer.

Since I was new to the U.S, I got to eat a lot of different foods. I loved pasta the moment I ate it, and it has been my favorite food ever since. I hated to eat sushi, it was my least favorite food. At school, I did not like Math because I was bad at it. I liked P.E. because it was fun to play sports.

I like to visit my cousins in San Francisco, because they were a lot of fun to play with. Also, I like to visit the beach in Half Moon Bay. My least favorite memory was the time when I threw up(puked) at the 5th grade spelling bee. My favorite memory was me in disney land.

Finally, I would like to say that my childhood was great. Even though it was hard, it was fun to live in a new country as a 9 year old. I got to try and experience a lot of new things. I got to learn a new language, try new food, and a totally new culture.