Hi everyone!
I have a really good friend that loves the Spanish language and i wanted to write her a letter in Spanish. Unfortunately I only speak french. Can you please fix this for me? I translated it on line but i know but previous experiences with french that they are never right!
This is what the translator gave me...

"Estoy alegre que hicimos amigos este año. Usted no ha sido nada pero bueno a mí este año entero y hay definitivamente épocas mejor de venir. Miro realmente adelante a más locura con usted durante el Año Nuevo. I can' espera de t para usar toda mi nueva ropa que seleccionaremos junta. También miro adelante al " de la lectura; Jolie en Paris". Su libro está trabajando mejor realmente para ser grande. ¡Lo amo! Espero que consigamos ir a ese concierto junto que es una vergüenza esa Imelda mayo doesn' juego de t en los Estados Unidos. ¡Necesitamos pensar en otra venda para ver! ¡Espero que usted se divirtiera que leía esto! ¡La Feliz Navidad y las Felices Año Nuevo allí serán muchas más sugerencias musicales en el año que viene!"

and this is what I'd like to say...

"I am glad that we became friends this year. You have been nothing but good to me this whole year and there are definitely more good times to come. I really look forward to more insanity with you during the new year. I can't wait to wear all of my new clothes that we will pick out together. I also look forward to reading "Jolie in Paris". Your book is really shaping up to be great. I love it! I hope we get to go to that concert together It is a shame that Imelda May doesn't play in the United States. We need to think of another band to see! I hope you had fun reading this! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years there will be many more musical suggestions in the coming year!"

Thank you so much if you fixed that for me! I really appreciate it so much!

Also could you translate this statement for when i give it to her
"read this! Have fun!"