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Thread: Lesson plan translation needed :)

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    Post Lesson plan translation needed :)


    My name's Peter and I need a lesson plan translation for my spanish lessons to get a pass. Unfortunately I'm not so good at spanish so I need a little help
    Here is the text.

    "Description: Students will learn how to ask the time and tell the time correctly in Spanish. They will make paper plate clocks and practice asking and responding with a partner in Spanish.
    Goal: The students will be able to ask the time and respond the correct time in Spanish.
    1. Students will construct a paper plate clock to practice telling the time in Spanish.
    2. Students will state in Spanish the correct time when asked in English.
    3. Students will state the correct questions in Spanish on how to say "What time is it?"
    Background Info for teacher:
    This activity can be used with beginning students learning Spanish. Students should have a solid knowledge of the numbers up to 60. The teachers should know how to pronounce and spell these numbers and phrase "Que hora es?" The lesson teaches students how to ask "What time is it?" and "The time is..."
    Concepts: Students will be able to:
    1. learn and tell time in Spanish
    2. explore Spanish vocabulary
    First the students need to write the numbers 1-12 on the paper plate with a marker, so that it looks like a clock. Remind them that the twelve is on the top, the three is on the right, the six is on the bottom, and the nine is on the left.
    Next the students need to cut out two arrows out of the construction paper. One arrow should be shorter than the other one and neither arrow when placed in the middle of the plate should cover the numbers.
    Then the students need to attach the arrows with 1 brad. Poke the brad through the straight part of the arrow. (Not the triangular end)
    Next poke the brad with the arrows through the middle of the paper plate. This plate with arrows should look like a clock. Students may need to trim down arrows if they are too large. Then back of the brad is attached to the plate. Teaching how to tell time in Spanish:
    1. The question for "What time is it?" is ...."Que hora es?" Say this out loud for the students and ask them to repeat it after you four times. (You may want to write this phrase on the chalkboard.) Next ask different students to repeat this phrase, and check to make sure they are pronouncing it correctly.
    2. Next ask the students to say together the numbers 1-12. (uno, dos,tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez, once, doce) These are the numbers on the clock. You may want to review all the numbers up to sixty at this time.
    3. In English when we respond to the question "What time is it?" we say "It is two o'clock " In Spanish they say "Son las dos" They use the form "Son las" with the numbers 2-12.
    Examples: Son las tres. ---It is three o'clock.
    ~Son las cuatro.---It is four o'clock.
    ~Son las cinco.---It is five o'clock.
    *They only exception to the question "What time is it?" is when the time is one o'clock. When it is one o'clock the response is "Es la una." ---It is one o'clock. Have students say this out loud also. When this concept is mastered move on.
    The equivalent of past or after is y. Example: Son las cinco y veinte.---It is twenty past five. Have students repeat this phrase and ask if they have any questions. Show on the clock different numbers and ask students what time it is. If they have any problems, review. If they have no problems than move on.
    The equivalent of to or till is menos. Example: Son las siete menos diez. It's ten to seven.
    The term cuarto y media are equivalent to the English expressions quarter and half. In English we say "It's a quarter to five." In Spanish they use "Son las cinco menos cuarto." "It's a half past four." In Spanish they say "Son las cuatro y media." Have students repeat the words cuarto and media.
    As in English numbers can be used in place of the expressions cuarto y media.
    1. "It's 15 minutes to five."---"Son las cinco menos quince."
    2. "It's 4:30."----"Son las cuatro y treinta."
    Have students ask any questions and review the different forms."

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Lesson plan translation needed :)

    Hi Rem,
    Unfortunately this is too long a text to get it translated in a forum. Maybe you should as a friend or someone Spanish teacher in school to help you understand the basic information.

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    Default Re: Lesson plan translation needed :)

    exactly, and if you have any doubt or question, you can post that specif question and we can help you out then.

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