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Thread: I wanna Learn Spanish Quick

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    Smile I wanna Learn Spanish Quick

    Hi All,

    I want to learn Spanish quick. Please let me know if there is some good book to learn spanish.


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    Pack your bags and move to a Spanish speaking country and find yourself a companion that doesnt speak Énglish. In Antigua, Guatemala you can find some very good Spanish language schools that are relitively inexpensive. Its also a beautiful place to live and study for a while.

    A good book to get is 501 verbs fully congegated in 14 tenses.
    Get a good Spanish /English dictionary and a good book of Spanish idioms
    along with a grammer book.

    Some people are hot on the Roseta Stone software but I can't vouch for it. I'm extremely skepticle when it comes to courses that claim you will be speaking like a local in a week or something along those lines.

    In short there is no way to learn "quick". It takes time, mucho tiempo!

    Some do learn faster than others and hopefully you are one of those.

    If you have an understanding of French that will help as the grammer is similar.

    Hit the books and immerse yourself its really the only way!

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: I wanna Learn Spanish Quick

    Hi jimmy, everybody wants to know a language as fast as possible and the faster way to get it is with effort.
    If you are really keen on spanish then it'll come easy to you, you just need to practice daily. If you use spanish in your naturals routines or talking with your dog/s in spanish or things like that you'll learn it fast.

    I'm not really a big fan of spending money on the internet to learn a language and one of the biggest reasons why i'm not is because i don't have lot of money xD, but ofcouse that you need a book and a dictionary..

    I have a friend who spent 500 USS in a rossa stone (i don't remember the name, sorry if i put it wrongly) to get the level 1, 2 and 3 of spanish and i'm helping him with any doubt that i'll might have, but i think that it's really something unnecessarily.

    If you need any help just ask : D and remember to incorporate spanish as a hobbi, not as an obligation and make it part of your daily life.
    Talk in spanish when you have the chance, that's my best advice.

    Buena suerte con el español que es un idioma lindisimo y sigue adelante.

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