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    my mexican friends were joking about love ..i understood most of it but i have problems with this one:

    pues para el R. que andava en busca de alguien jaja burro en primavera dicen

    and one more: y no saben ni pa donde voltear

    they used "voltear" many times...i know that is means "to turn over"....but i guess not in this contekst

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    Default Re: voltear

    "burro en primavera" is used for a male who is looking to have ***. Because he's a young adult discovering, because he has high levels of testosterone, because he hasn't had the chance in a long time, second wind, etc.

    "No sabe ni pa donde voltear" is used for someone who's overwhelmed with options, like children in a candystore, don't know where to start.

    Voltear (a ver) = take a look, turn your head and watch.

    hope it helps.

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