Hi, I want to ask my partner's father for his daughter's hand in marriage. My Spanish is beginner-intermediate level so I do not want to risk translating things incorrectly/without fluency. I am looking for guidance on how to say the following:

"Juan, I am sorry for disturbing you but there is something I want to talk to you about. In advance I want to apologise for my mistakes. As you know, I need to do more studies in Spanish. Anyway, I had hoped to talk to you about it when I was in Madrid with Esther recently but I did not get the chance to talk to you alone.
As you know, myself and Esther have been together for many years now. I want you to know that Esther means the world to me and her happiness is what I consider to be most important. I think we are a fantastic team together and believe that for both of us the other is the most important person in our lives.
I realise that for Maria and you and the rest of the family it would be much easier if Esther had a local boyfriend and it has been a difficult journey getting to know me better over the last 4 years. Hopefully though at this stage you know that I am totally committed to Esther and have her best interest and dreams at heart. Also you should know that your family is very important to me too…and it is for this reason that I have telephoned. I would love nothing more that for Esther to be my wife and it for this reason that I would like to ask her soon to marry me. However, before I do this I would like to ask for your blessing. Therefore, Juan, I have this to ask you - may I have your daughter Esther’s hand in marriage?"