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Thread: New to this thread and first question

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    Default New to this thread and first question

    Hi everyone,

    I have a B.A. in Spanish and am back in school for Master's in Translation. I really love it and I am realizing how challenging (and awesome!) translating can be. I hope to be able to contribute a lot to this site. I have a good background in medical and pharmaceutical processing terminology in Spanish (and Portuguese). Any questions on TOC or airborne particle counting/clean rooms just let me know.

    I have a question on a translation I am working on. How would you say in Spanish "The word on everyone's lips"? I was thinking "La palabra que más se oye".

    Any thoughts?



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    Default Re: New to this thread and first question

    Mi sugerencia es "la palabra más común/ más usada/ que todos usan", pero hay mucha posibilidades más.

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