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    Default Medical

    Need spanish translation for speider veins? Thank you!

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    Default Telangectasias (spider veins)

    Es el término médico:

    Laser Medical Skin Center, The Bend, Oregon specialty medical ...

    - [ Traduzca esta página ]Spider veins (telangectasias) are a common development from sun damage and from aging. Certain medical conditions and habits (smoking, alcohol) can also ...
    www.lasermedicalcenter.com/html/veins.html - 22k - En caché - Páginas similares

    Varicose Veins Atlanta Spider Veins FAQsVeins

    - [ Traduzca esta página ]These veins are larger than spider veins (telangectasias), but smaller than the typical varicosities of the greater saphenous vein. ...
    www.veininnovations.com/terms.html - 44k - En caché - Páginas similares

    Spider veins

    - [ Traduzca esta página ]These spider veins, medically referred to as telangectasias, will not worsen to the point where they will ever become the large bulging varicose veins ...
    skin-care.health-cares.net/spider-veins.php - 21k - En caché - Páginas similares

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    Default Translation of spider veins

    The colloquial term for spider veins would be "arañitas".

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    Default telangiectasias

    telangiectasias = spider veins also know as telarañas

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    telangiectasia in Spanish
    telangiectasis in English
    Dilatación de los vasos capilares de pequeño calibre, angioma simple.
    Dicc. Terminol. de Ciencias Médicas, Salvat.

    Nombre alternativo: Ectasia vascular, Angioma

    Nombre coloquial: arañas o arañitas vasculares, venas varicosas.

    biolitec - Laser, Besenreiser, geschwollene Beine, VarizenVena safena magna; Vena safena “parva”; Venas reticulares; Tributarias varicosas; “Arañitas vasculares” (spider veins); Telangiectasia; Ulceras venosas ...

    MUJER Salud y Belleza Varicose Veins (Spider Veins) ... VenaCura (60 tablets) · VenaCura (60 tablets) Get Rid of Varicose and Spider Veins (2 month supply) ...
    www.deporteybelleza.com/theproducts.cfm?owner=246&subcat=781&cat=2 - 26k - En caché - Páginas similares
    [ Más resultados de www.deporteybelleza.com ]
    biolitec - Laser, Besenreiser, geschwollene Beine, VarizenTRANSCUTANEOUS TREATMENTS OF SPIDER VEINS AND TELANGIECTASIA ... Telangiectasias y “arañitas” (spider veins) son frecuentemente observadas en pacientes con ...
    www.biolitec.com/spanish/elves/methods.asp?s=elves - 18k

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