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Thread: Some simple translations..

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    Smile Some simple translations..

    Hello, for class I have to edit some mistakes I made on something I wrote and I'm having a little trouble..

    "Please, pack the boxes and mark them."

    It seems it should be "empaque" and "marque" but on some grammar rules after por favor the infinitives "empacar" and "marcar" are used. Which is correct for the formal command?

    Also in the same way, "Please, tell aunt Isabella hello".
    Por favor, diga tia Isabella hola
    OR Por favor, di tia Isabella?
    OR Por favor, decir tia Isabella?

    Muchas gracias.

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    Default Re: Some simple translations..

    Hi Wendykay,

    You use the infinitive form after prepositions. Por is a preposition, but por favor is not.

    You use subjunctive for formal commands.

    Por favor, dí a Tia Isabella que digo hola. (informal)
    Por favor, diga a Tia Isabella que digo hola. (formal)

    But, I think you might want to use the verb saludar, as in
    Por favor, salude a Tia Isabella. (formal)
    Por favor, saluda a Tia Isabella. (informal)

    In "Please, pack the boxes and mark them" the command form would be:
    Por favor, empaque las cajas y márquelas. (formal)
    Por favor, empaca las cajas y márcalas. (informal)

    Disclaimer: I'm a student of Spanish. Let's both wait for confirmation from a native speaker.
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    Default Re: Some simple translations..

    Hi wendykay!
    I would probablu say:
    "Please, pack the boxes and mark them." Por favor, empaque las cajas y márquelas"
    "Please, tell aunt Isabella hello": "Por favor, dile Hola a la tía Isabela" o (Más probable: Por favor, dile a la tía Isabela que le mando saludos" but I don't know if you need a literal translation.

    Hope it helps!!!

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    Default Re: Some simple translations..

    Hi all,
    just a little observation. We don't usually say
    di hola a X in Spanish...unless we are talking to a kid, for example and right in front of the person we are asking him to say Hi/Hello to the other person. Teaching the kid some manners and education.
    In the example below, we just say
    Saluda a X de mi parte/ Mándale saludos a X de mi parte.
    The rest of the sugestions are fine.
    Realmente, el destino del mundo depende, en primer lugar, de los estadistas y, en segundo lugar, de los intérpretes.
    Trygve Halvdan Lie

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