I need someone to correct and translate these sentences in to proper Spanish. Thanks!

1) Este consejo es para todos los novatos nuevos en Agoura. This is for all the new freshmen at Agoura.

2) Haga tu tarea cuando lo es asignó. Do your homework when it is assigned.

3) No procrastine! Don’t procrastinate!

4) En clase no usa tu teléfono. In class, don’t use your phone.

5) Concentres en clase. Concentrate in class.

6) Espero que tú gustes escuela. I hope you like school.

7) (In Spanish?) Join clubs!

8) (In Spanish?) Keep track of your grades.

9) Espero que tus años de escuela son maravillosos. I hope that your high school years are wonderful.

10) Es importante que realices cambio tomara place. It is important to realize change will take place.

11) Hagas amigos nuevos! Make new friends!

12) Recordes hace un novillo o una novilla no son todo. Remember having a boyfriend or a girlfriend is not everything.

13) (Spanish?) Get involved with school activities!

14) (Spanish?) Try out for a sport.

15) Eres independiente. Be independent.