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Thread: Important letter - please translate thanks

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    Exclamation Important letter - please translate thanks

    I have an important letter to translate from English to Spanish for my pen friend who lives in Seville. He gets very angry sometimes when I can't write out my Spanish correctly. Could someone please help me translate these paragraphs? It would be much appreciated... At the moment I use Google translator which makes a lot of mistakes, thanks so much again.

    I left Heathrow airport with my parents, younger brother, and step brother in London at 3:00pm on Sunday and arrived at Rio de Janeiro at 2:00 am on Monday. We went by plane because Brazil is 150 kilometres away from England. The journey on the plane was very uncomfortable and boring for me because the TV wasn't working and there wasn't enough space for my legs.

    Where we stayed was very beautiful. There was a beach just 1km away from our hotel and many colourful plants and trees. There were also many things to do like go down to the beach in the day and party in the clubs at night.

    The hotel we stayed in was called the Hilton Grand. There were over 500 rooms in the hotel and our room was number 311, the presidential suite. It was wonderful staying in the room because it was so luxurious. There was a Jacuzzi in the bathroom and a king sized bed in my room. There was also a balcony looking out upon the sea.

    There were many activities we did while on holiday. First we visited the art museum and looked at all the interesting paintings. We then went out onto the beach and sunbathed for 3 hours and unfortunately I got a little sun burnt because I had no sun cream. At night we went and partied in the clubs and came back to the hotel very tired.

    My home in England is a lot less luxurious compared to the hotel in Brazil. It is in an industrial area of the city and rains a lot. The hotel is much more beautiful than my home.

    I don't think we will to back to Brazil next year because it is too expensive. We will probably go to Brighton because it’s an exciting place and the travel costs and accommodation are cheaper. I had a great time in Brazil though and hope to go back there when I have the money.

    thanks a billion

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    Default Re: Important letter - please translate thanks

    good luck.

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