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Thread: got stuck

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    Did you read Mariaklec's post? "Stuck" is a possibility because that is more or less what happens to the card. The tendency, however, overhwelmingly seems to be to give a description or explanation in which the ATM is more or less blamed for the problem. The ATM ate the card, took the card, didn't return the card, kept the card, etc. The same could be said of coins lost in a public telephone, a vending machine, etc. "My quarter got stuck in the Coke machine"? I don't think so. But the machine certainly ate it, took it, didn't return it, kept it, etc. I think "swallowed" would be understood, but I don't recall ever hearing it.

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    Thomas What you say makes a lot of sense and Im pretty sure is quite correct . I was just surprised to read that the expresion #got stuck" sounded Spanish becuase as I mentioned I have heard it from natives. I repeat, what you said is totally reasonable, indded , the tendency is to blame the machine. I guess that is one way to stress the bank's responsibility for technological failures

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