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Thread: Please help translate

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    Default Please help translate

    I am trying to do some home based business (selling pears grown in my farm) and want to post a flyer in areas where mainy hispanic population visits. This is more marketing stuff, if you find some exaggerartions, please dont argue with me. I need help with some main words and sentenses. While I tried using on-line trnslators, in the past people felt difficult to understand them in spanish. (This is my first draft for the flyer, but I may change this after I test it out, and may ask for your help again):

    Please visit our warehouse for the best Quality pears:

    We have Bartlett pears, Anjou pears, Bosc pears, just to give you an idea.

    We only stock the best quality pears. Each pear is hand picked by our exceptional staff when it is just ripe. Each pear is inspected and has to pass out strict quality control. We discard any pear unless it is the best quality or when it is over-ripe. We store a huge stock of pears, different varieties, different colors, sizes, shapes and tastes, so you can find the one that suits your taste and need. We even deliver the pears to your home or business. Whatever may be your need, for your own personal use, your nutritional needs, personal gifts, business promotion gifts, if you need some pears, we have them. Come visit our warehouse, you will be pleased with the outstanding quality, with the variety. All our prices are very reasonably priced. If you are a a vendor, please call us. We have a huge quantity of pears. Even our discarded pears are still better than those you find in the market, and we can sell them for a discounted price.
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    Default Re: Please help translate

    Hi adamxx,
    Thanks for visiting our forum.
    As you may know, translation is a professional service that must be paid for. Please, try to contact a translator to help you with this job.

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    Default Re: Please help translate

    I agree. This is a text for commercial purposes.

    I suggest you hire a translator and pay him for the job.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Please help translate

    Ok Adam Iam not a professional but I like challenges (and I am a native spanish speaker by the way) so this is the way I would promote your product and your warehouse. One thing that you don't see at all in spanish advertising specially on flyers is the word PLEASE. That's a very weak opening to try to convence somebody and it sounds like you beg for attention but in a pathetic way so what you need are strong encouraging sentences with exclamation points, believe me hispanic people respond very vell to these ones. So enjoy! because I'm very proud of this piece:

    Venga y visite nuestra bodega con LAS MEJORES PERAS de la region!
    Tenemos pera Bartlett, Anjou, Bosc y muchas mas.
    Nosotros solo cultivamos y conservamos en nuestra bodega las peras de la mas alta calidad. Cada una de nuestras peras es recogida manualmente por nuetro fabuloso personal solo y unicamente cuando recien acaba de madurar. Ademas, cada pera pasa por un estricto control de calidad, bajo el cual es meticulosamente inspeccionada. Siguiendo estas pautas de calidad, descartamos todas aquellas peras que no reunen las mejores caracteristicas o que ya estan demasiado maduras. En nuestra bodega, almacenamos la mas amplia variedad y seleccion de peras de diferentes tamanos, colores, formas y sabores. Aqui si puede encontrar la que mas le convenga de acuerdo a su gusto y necesidad. Tambien ofrecemos entrega a domicilio o negocio. Cualquiera que sea la pera que usted busque, ya sea para su alimentacion o nutricion personal, o para regalos de promocion o personales, peras sabrosas, nosotros las tenemos todas! Venga y visite nuestra bodega se convencera de que tenemos la mejor calidad y variedad. Todos nuestros precios son muy rasonables. Y si usted es comerciante llamenos!! tenemos peras de a montones. Hasta las peras que son descartadas por nuestro control de calidad son mejores que las que usted encuentra en el mercado!! y aqui con nosotros, usted puede adquirirlas por un precio de remate.

    The highlighted "n" should be a letter "n" but you know with the little roof above it, but I'm so sorry I don't have that letter on my keyboard.Other than that I think it very convicing . Write back if you have more questions.

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