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Thread: Preterite vs. Imperfect

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    Default Preterite vs. Imperfect

    Please help me to translate these sentences.

    1. It was three o'clock when she got up to start the day.

    2. While Philip fried the potatoes in oil, Elena vaccumed the living room.

    3. Before leaving, I turned off the lights and closed the door.

    4. The waiter was carrying some dishes to the table when he fell and broke his arm.

    5. My friends and I were swimming in the pool when you rang the doorbell.

    6. When I was fifteen years old, I lived with a family in Granada.

    7. When I was two years old, I began to walk.

    8. I washed all of the dirty clothing and put it in the closet.

    9. My parents took the pillows off the bed to clean them and later, they returned them.

    10. While I was studying, the bell rang.

    11. In the hallway, there were more students.

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    Default Re: Preterite vs. Imperfect

    Hi Anna, welcome to the forum.
    This looks like homework, we have a policy of not doing homework here for people. But of course, you do your own work and then we check it and help you improve it and please, do not use an on-line translator cause we know about it. Make an effort, do your own homework.
    See you around!
    Realmente, el destino del mundo depende, en primer lugar, de los estadistas y, en segundo lugar, de los intérpretes.
    Trygve Halvdan Lie

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