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Thread: Necesito traducción por favor

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    Thanks Maria Laura. I ended up working with some native spanish speaking friends at school who were able to help me out (as a side note, more directed to exxentrica, it was THEY who suggested me to use translators and build from there, which is exactly what they did to supplement their english learning classes). But anyway, thank you very much for helping me correct it and I will incorporate all the aspects that my friends and I have not yet corrected.

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    Default Re: Necesito traducción por favor

    Quote Originally Posted by exxcéntrica
    AZN, just wanted to point out that you will be enchanted to see how many peopel liked your way of posting and honesty.

    Do so again, they will surely be happy to help correct your machine translations.
    It seems like you're not getting the point... it doesn't have to do with the fact that we like or dislike AZN, it's just related to certain rude posts.

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    Default Each other's position

    Now that each other's position is more than clear, there is no need to repeat the same stuff over and over again, isn't there?

    I guess we can move on now and start working on our projects!

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    Default Re: Necesito traducción por favor

    This thread makes me want to cry. We all might disagree about things here, but would it be possible to keep these personal attacks to private messages instead of making us all look like petty people who shout insults at the drop of the hat.

    All of this is said WITHOUT REGARD TO WHO IS RIGHT OR WRONG. That is one of the reasons that private messages are available.

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