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    I need some help translating this:

    It was a good thing we focused on one country and divided each group to talk about a certain topic about Ecuador. We came to know about the Ecuadorian culture, which included arts, music, clothing, recreation, food and others. We were surprised to know about the population and the religion of this country.
    We came to find that the food of Ecuador was popular which looked very delicious. It is known for its high quality fish and seafood. There are usually three meals a day and lunch meal is the biggest meal of the day. We came to know about a popular activity in Ecuador which was catching a big fish called bogre, which weighed about hundred kilograms.
    It seemed to us that most people like to play baseball and football. We found about the games the children and the adults played. Literature also was one of the main things that we came across while doing our culture report. Musicís and dancing were important as well as popular in Ecuador. Bullfighting was an activity that is popular in Ecuador which is held every year. We had a hard time memorizing about the culture, but we succeeded in doing so and we had fun.

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    Hi, how are you? Why donīt you try to translate it first, so we can help you from there?

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