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Thread: Lyrics Translation

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    i wonder if you can translate an song lyric english to spanish. The song is:

    Kate Ryan - The Promise You Made

    If I laid down my love - To come to your defense
    Would you worry for me - With a pain in your chest ?

    Could I rely on your faith to be strong
    To pick me back up and to push me along ?
    Tell me

    You'll be there in my hour of need
    You won't turn me away
    Help me out of the life I lead
    Remember the promise you made
    Remember the promise you made

    If I gave you my soul - For a piece of your mind
    Would you carry me with you - To the far edge of time ?

    Could you understand if you found me untrue
    Would we become one, or divided in two - Please tell me


    Could I rely on your faith to be strong
    To pick me back up and to push me along - Please tell me



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    Default Re: Lyrics Translation?

    A ver si nos das tu intento primero.
    Los hombres son superiores a las mujeres porque Alá les otorgó la primacia sobre ellas. Portanto, dió a los varones el doble de lo que dió a las mujeres. Los maridos que sufrieran desobediencia de sus mujeres pueden castigarlas: abandonarlas en sus lechos, e incluso golpearlas.
    No se legó al hombre mayor calamidad que la mujer."

    El Corán (libro sagrado de los musulmanes, recitado por Alá a Maomé en el siglo VI)

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