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Thread: General English to Spanish Translation

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    Default General English to Spanish Translation

    I learnt from experience that any Web site translation effort will fail in the absence of 8 crucial factors. No hat trick here, just plain old hit-and-miss experience acquired in the course of the last fifteen years in the business of translating financial research.Those eight factors are:
    *Give a specialized job to a specialized translator
    *Ask about your translator's education and experience
    *Small specialized translation businesses will often do a better job
    *Your translator must team with an editor
    *Share your own knowledge
    *Ask for a glossary
    *Allow your translator enough time to do a good job
    *Cost may be an issue, but your time is often more costly

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    Default Re: General English to Spanish Translation

    Hello angelinjones,
    Is this something you want to share with us?
    if you're looking for help to get this translated, I would only say that translation is a paid service and this is what "feeds" most of us, translators.
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    Default Re: General English to Spanish Translation

    Sandra, as it appears, she might have been advertising.
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