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    Quote Originally Posted by SandraT
    trabajadores entrenando
    Sounds to me like they are playing football.

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    I think this debate takes us back to the "regions or countries". And let's hope Irine does not get more confused with this.

    When I was in second year at the university I was in a training period to practice my English with natives. In Spanish we called it "Período de Práctica".
    When I graduated, I started "working" in different institutions to train as a sales representative and I was in a different training period. In Spanish we called it "Período de Entrenamiento". And Elvizconde, you bet I was not at all playing football because that's something I am really bad at.
    When I was sent to take a course on Marketing, I was in Capacitación....So, what is strange to some, it's normal to others.

    However all of the above, I GAVE IN!!! hahaha...Really, I would change it to, (because that is what looks more common to the rest) and it makes sense too
    If the phrase is "to train them" (verb), it's to "capacitarlos", don't you think?
    ABSOLUTELY!!!! and I vote for Carlosroberto's option
    trabajadores en capacitación
    Realmente, el destino del mundo depende, en primer lugar, de los estadistas y, en segundo lugar, de los intérpretes.
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    Default Re: total

    Capacitación es la palabra.

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