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Thread: impact phrase

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    Default impact phrase

    ok i can cum up with a phrase to translate GET IT AND DO IT! can somone be of help

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    This really depends on the context, so perhaps you can post some more and we can help you.
    Get can be translated as comprar, adquirir, obtener, etc.
    Do can be translated as hacer, realizar, limpiar, etc.
    it all depends on the context!!

    ¡Cómpralo y prueba! ¡Adquiérelo y házlo! ¡Obténlo y házlo!
    I don't know there could be like ten different translations. Post more context!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SandraT
    there could be like ten different translations. Post more context!

    I agree with Sandy. A bit of context would help

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    I absolutly agree with my colleagues...

    My guesses:

    -Agárralo y hazlo
    -Tómalo y hazlo

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