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Thread: Student needs spell & grammar check

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    Default Student needs spell & grammar check

    Hi guys,

    As part of a spanish exercise, we had to summerize a newspaper article. I've gone through my text a few times and would need it verified for errors, i know its not short, but if someone could go through it quickly it would be of great help!

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Here is my text:
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    Spanish student, please, go through the text again . Using a babel fish translator (as you can see here: e intentó al grap la antorcha is not wrong, but you MUST check for the correct wording in Spanish.

    Do that yourself first, then we will post our help.

    I would really appreciate if everybody let this student do his own work first, as it is for homework and it should be he himself who did his homework !

    Thanks a lot.

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