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Thread: Help! please I need help translating this!

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    Exclamation Help! please I need help translating this!

    I need help translating this to spanish for my girlfriend so if anyone would kind enough to help I would greatly appreciate it.

    I love you enough to fight for you,
    Compromise for you, and sacrifice
    myself for you if need be.
    Enough to miss you incredibly when
    we're apart, no matter what length
    of time it's for and regardless of
    the distance.
    Enough to beleive in our relationship,
    to stand by it through the worst
    of times. To have faith in our
    strength as a couple, and to never
    give up on us.
    Enough to spend the rest of my life
    with you, be there for you when you
    need or want me, and never, ever
    want to leave you or live without you
    I love you this much

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    Hi demox. Here is my contribution. Good luck with your girlfriend . Hope you melt the lady's heart ( your note is very romantic)

    Te amo lo suficiente para luchar por ti ,
    hacer concesiones por ti y sacrificarme a mi mismo de ser necesario.

    Lo suficiente como para extrañarte inmensamente
    cuando estamos separados, sin importar el tiempo ni la distancia
    Lo suficiente para creer en nuestra relación,

    y defenderla hasta en los perores momentos

    .Lo suficiente como para tener fe en nuestra fortaleza como pareja,
    y nunca darme por vencido de lo nuestro.

    Lo suficiente para como pasar el resto de mi vida contigo,
    y estar a tu lado cuando me necesites o me requieras,

    Y lo suficiente como para nunca nunca querer abandonarte o vivir sin tí
    Esta es la magnitud de mi amor por ti

    Truly, my dear young friends, you are a chosen generation. I hope you will never forget it.
    Gordon B. Hinckley

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