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Thread: Love letter forum needed

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    Default Love letter forum needed


    I am requesting the forum of letters please. can that be done. a number of U.S citizens are courting foreing spanish speaking individuals. that would be a great help for me.

    thank you.

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    Red face Re: Love letter forum needed

    Not exactly sure what you are requesting, other than Love letter forum is needed

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    Sonny, to me the idea of cross-cultural love seems like one of the most romantic things in the world!!! You can create the thread and we can help you. However, it is essential that at least one of you or (or preferably both) learn the other’s native language, if you are striving for a long lasting relationship. Therefore I encourage you to learn Spanish and try to write the letters in Spanish and some of us will help you with the correction, when our time allows it. Another thing, please dont forget that love is a universal language ´that comes straight from the heart.

    Best regards,


    Truly, my dear young friends, you are a chosen generation. I hope you will never forget it.
    Gordon B. Hinckley

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