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Thread: Help with translating! Christmas story book for kids in Mexico!

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    Smile Help with translating! Christmas story book for kids in Mexico!

    Can someone please translate this for me? It's around 40 sentences.. I volunteered to make a little picture book for Christmas for the kids down in a school in Mexico. But the problem is, I'm not even in Spanish!

    The Spanish teacher knew my sister and came up to me to ask the favor..

    So if you could do this for me, you'd be helping out as well for some kids down in Mexico!

    Thank you!

    - - - - -

    Once upon a time in a far away land, there once lived a Princess Isabel whose castle was very grand. In the midst of decorating her tree, she looked at her ornaments and realized there was only three. She quickly rushed into town on her horse about to cry. Then she came up with a plan that made her very sly.

    She rushed back to her castle in haste. Princess Isabel then let her garland out tallest window with grace. After, she sat with tea in her hand, waiting for her prince charming to gallop across the land. Just then in two villages over and at a castle in Everwood, a prince named Santa ran to his noble reindeer as fast as he could. He had sensed something wrong, so he jumped on his reindeer named Rudolph and galloped along.

    Where he was going, he didn't know. The hardest part was getting through the snow. Then he heard through his ears, a Chirstmas carol thats been sung through the years. Equipped with a sword and a shield, he was ready to battle the beast in the oncoming field. As he saw the beast he almost ran away. He finally realized this was the thing he had to slay before he could continue on his way.

    There before him stood a huge snowman and Santa realized he had to melt this thing as fast as he can. He rubbed together a twig and a stick, hoping the weather wouldn't suddenly p-lay a trick. The snowman melted and soon became a lake. Santa then decided he wanted to skate.

    Prince Santa jumped on his reindeer once again. It was then when he wished he would't run into any bandit men. He thought again as he rushed through the bushes and trees. He wished once more he wouldn't run into theives.

    He arrived and saw Princess Isabel's castle. He then found out that getting up to her would be a hassle. Princess Isabel said all you have to do is use the garland as rope. Santa thought it would be easy, or so he would hope.

    Santa jumped off Rudolph and grabbed the garland tight. He was also happy that the lunch he had earlier was light. Reaching the top he listened to what Princess Isabel said. "Please, run to the store and get me my things, before the storm these clouds will bring!"

    Santa nodded and slid down from the top. He jumped once more on Rudolph, and he was off. Santa reached the store in record time. But he panicked, hoping he wouldn't forget about the ornaments on his mind.

    As he stepped into the supermarket and looked at the shelves, he saw little toys that looked like elves. He thought about them and soon became sad, for he missed them but remembered the task he had. Finding his way through the supermarket's rows, he quickly found himself between big and small bows. Getting out of that big mess, he moved on and found what he needed, oh yes!

    He returned to the castle to see Princess Isabel with a smile upon her face, and the Christmas tree decorated with lace. Princess Isabel then put the last ornaments on. The Christmas tree was finally done. They exchanged gifts at the end of the night, everything for Christmas was done and done right.

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    Default Translation

    I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you need to contact a translation agency, because this text is too long.

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