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Thread: Community flyer help

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    Default Community flyer help


    I work at a community center, and we are hosting a youth spoken word and freestyling contest. Our community is predominantly Latino, and we want as many kids from different cultures to participate as possible.

    Please offer any assistance with the following phrases:


    "Spoken word"


    So far, I've been working with "Consurso de palabra hablada y estilo libre para Jóvenes", but don't have much confidence in this.

    The last 2 words are almost colloquialisms--terms specific to subculture groups. I'm not sure if the literal translations into "nominado Grammy", "palabra hablada", and "estilo libre" are correct.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Suggestions

    I agree with you on your translations.

    I have a second option for:

    - spoken word: oratoria

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