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Thread: a little help request

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    Default a little help request


    I posted this request on the wrong section; now I repeat this for you:

    Hi everybody!

    It´s sunday... supposed to be a day for rest... however time is a sort of tyrant mainly when one has to "meet scheduled requests". Please help me to find appropriate Spanish words for <Chief Deputy County Counsel>. Have my anticipated thanks and warm regards from sunny and cool La Paz (11,000 ft above sea level)

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    Hola Jaime.
    Espero que esta respuesta te sirva, porque no diste mucho contexto.

    Cuando tengo que traducir cargos tan largos, primero hago un análisis por partes.

    "County Counsel" es el encargado de brindar asesoramiento legal al condado. Podría traducirse como "asesor legal".

    "Deputy" puede referise al cargo suplente, a un cargo de segundo nivel (por ejemplo, vice-***)

    "Chief" significa que es el principal.

    Con todos estos elementos, podría traducirse "Primer Asesor Legal Suplente del Condado" o "Primer Suplente en la Asesoría Legal del Condado" o "Primer Vice-asesor Legal del Condado".

    Estas son mis sugerencias. Espero te convenza alguna.

    Saludos desde Argentina.

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    Default Por favor help me!!

    Qué tal mi nombre es Daniel, soy de México y nesecito traducir este texto que adjunto a continuación, espero alguíen pueda alludarme, se los agradeceré infinitamente.

    PD. son algunos trucos de magia

    Eye on the needle

    The illusion

    A piece of rope is wound around your thumb. Making a small loop with one end, you are able to magically thread the other end through the loop. To really impress your audience, you could even repeat the trick with the eyes closed. This is a quick illusion that can be done either as a magic trick or as a show of skill. Once you have mastered the method, it is something that can be done whenever and wherever happen to be

    What you need

    A length of rope about 1 m

    1 hold the rope in your right hand and position the base of your left thumb up against the rope about three- quarters of the way down its length.
    Let the shorter end of the rope hang over between the crotch of your thumb and your finger, while the longer side hangs nearest to you

    2wrap the longer end around your thumb by bringing it underneath your thumb then over the top towards you, repeat until you have four or five loops wrapped around your thumb, just tight enough for the rope not to fall off.

    3 make a loop in the loop by bringing it up in front of your thumb and twisting it anticlockwise. Hold the loop with the fingers of the left hand so it sticks up above your thumb.

    4take the other end of the rope with your right thumb and index finger, and hold it up with the end facing the loop. Your left fingers keep the hanging rope out the way. Relax the index finger on your left hand.

    5 quickly move your right hand, and its rope end, away from you, the rope appears to go through the loop in your left hand. If you pull the end back through the loop, you can repeat this as many times as you have lops around your thumb.

    My Hands

    The illusion

    A black mark on the palm of your hand magically vanishes and appears on the hand of a helper. Magic tricks that involve other people are always powerful. This is the one of the best, as no only are you showing the helper a good trick, but they become one of the props. It is also another example of a trick that can be performed on an impromptu basis.

    What you need
    A felt tip pen (black works best)

    1 just before the start, secretly draw a black mark on the tip of the middle finger of your right hand. You may need to apply it a few times to ensure you have a good supply of wet ink on that finger.

    2 ask a helper to hold out both their hands palm down. As you ask them to hold their hands a little higher, take both hands and gently press upwards into their palms with your fingers. This transfers the mark to their left palm. This action must seem natural or it is likely to be noticed and remembered.

    3 get the helper to drop their right hand and make their left one into a fist. Take out the pen and draw a mark on the palm of your left hand. Do not make it as bold as you did with the one previously drawn on your fingertip.

    4 Use the first two fingers of your right hand to rub out the mark on your palm and from your right fingertip as well.

    5 show that the mark on your palm has vanished. Ask the helper to open their fist and show that the mark has now appeared on their palm.

    Kinetic Treasures

    The illusion

    After summoning up energy into your hand, sweep it towards a stood up banknote and stop suddenly- the note promptly falls over.

    What you need

    A banknote of any value or a rectangular piece of paper.

    1 fold a banknote in half along its long edge. Stand the note upright on a table.

    2 Stand a sit a short distance away from the note. Place your right hand over on your left side near your shoulder. Rub tour hand on your sleeve as though building up static or some kind of invisible force.

    3 With your palm facing sideways, swiftly swing it over so the fingers point to the note about 15 cm away and stop suddenly. Just as your hand stop, open up your fingers as though sending out energy. The action of stopping suddenly causes the note to fall over because of the air current created.

    Wish you were here..

    The illusion

    While the idea to pass your body through a postcard seems impossible, surprise your onlookers by proceeding to do exactly that.

    What you need

    A post card
    A Pair of scissors

    1 fold the postcard in half lengthwise. Staring from the folder edge, make a cut about 0.5 cm from the short edge and top when you are the same distance from the open edges. Turn the card around and make a cut 0.5 cm further in, stooping the same distance from the folder edge. Repeat all the way along the postcard

    2 staring from the second strip in, trim off the folder edges, but stop short, of the edge of the last strip. The fist and last strips must still have folded edges.

    3 Gently open up the postcard to show you have transformed it into a loop of card. Now you can carefully climb through this loop or pass it up and over your body

    Don’t lose your head

    The illusion

    What you need
    A thin scarf, about 1.5 m long

    1 Place a scarf around your neck so left hand end hangs lower down your front than the right hand end. Grab the length on your left hand side, about half way down, with your right hand. Take hold of the right hand length, near the end, with your left hand, making sure the longer length is behind your left arm

    2 Raise your right hand to bring the scarf up towards the right side of your neck. At the same time bringing the left hand straight up so that the longer length, forming a loop.

    3 Take the shorter length of scarf in your left hand up and around the right side of your neck so that it hangs down in front of your left shoulder. Let go of the loop in your right hand as you do. The loop is now hidden behind your head. Take hold of each end and pull the scarf forwards. it will seem to your audience as if has penetrated your neck.

    Secret Squeeze

    The illusion
    Pick someone from the audience and show them a card with a hole in the middle. Ask them if they could push through a coin larger then the hole without tearing the card. Once they give up, you can show them how it is done. You will actually reveal the secret of this trick as you perform it, but it is fun to show a friend a quick, easy trick that they can then do themselves.

    1 Before you start, cut a hole in the middle of a playing card slightly smaller than the coin, hold up the card and the larger coin, and ask a helper if they can push the coin trough the hole without tearing or cutting the card.

    2 When the helper has admitted defeat, fold the card in half. Place the coin in the middle of the card so that part of it shows through the hole. Hold the card by the bottom edges.

    3 To push the coin through, move your hands upwards and inwards towards each other. This causes the two sides of the card to open out and the hole to widen slightly allowing you to gently squeeze the coin through

    Endless fun

    The illusion

    This simple trick will truly baffle your helper. As they watch a loop of spring passes right through their arm

    What you need
    A length of string about 75cm tied into a loop

    1 Ask a helper to hold out one arm. Place the loop underneath it and hold it taut between the second finger of each hand. Bring your hands up around each side of the arm so they nearly meet above it, then return them their original position

    2 on the third or fourth time that you bring your hands up, secretly hook the loop held by the right hand with your left index finger.

    3 as your hands go back down, let go of the loop with the left middle finger and pull the loop to the left witch the left index finger.

    4 now, bring both hands straight up- it looks as if the string has passed right through the helper’s arm

    the thief

    The illusion

    Unseen by you, someone in a group of people hides an object on them. You are able to tell who has the hidden object. This trick introduces the idea of a secret assistant, when people think you are doing the trick by yourself, they will be incredulous at what they see, as there is absolutely no explanation for how you could possibly know the right person. Used in the right way, the secret assistant is a useful addition to your magical portfolio but must mot be overused

    What you need
    A small object
    A secret assistant

    1 hand a small object to a group of people, when your back is turned, one of them is to take the object and place it in their pocket- your assistant notes who this it. Once this is done, turn back around to face them

    2 to identify who has the object, your assistant simply copies the action of the person who has the object. If the person’s arms are crossed, your assistant crosses their arms too. If their hands is on their chin, your assistant must not make it obvious that they are copying

    3 Look at your assistant and then check to see who else is in the same position. Once you know, pretend to look at body language, make aye contact or ask questions to make people think you are using psychology to figure out who has the hidden object.

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    Default translation

    Hi Daniel, welcome to the community!
    This should have been a new thread...
    Anyway, it seems you need professional translation services in this case...

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    Hello Daniel, I agree with Marlene.
    Finding a translator who would do that for free ...not an easy job.

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