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Thread: terminología inmobiliaria/de construcción

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    Default terminología inmobiliaria/de construcción

    Hola! Por favor, alguien sabe cómo se traducen al espaniol las siguientes palabras?
    Vanilla Box (it's a kind of property to rent)
    Vanilla Shell (ditto)
    Grey Shell (ditto)
    Shopping Center Pad
    Foot Path (at a store)
    Delivery Dock/Door (at a restaurant or cafe)
    Stools, Ladder, Dolly (at a restaurant or cafe)

    Muchas gracias por la ayuda. Soy nueva en el foro. Por favor, corrijan cualquier error que cometa en el procedimiento o en las preguntas/respuestas!

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    Luli -

    The two vanilla terms simply refer to properties that are ready to be moved into, but have no final covering on their floor or walls, allowing the new owner to lay down whatever material they wish. Grey shell refers to the buyer deciding what to do during the construction phase of the apartment or office. Perhaps a quick desription would work in place of a one or two-word translation, because they seem pretty specific and I haven't heard anything similar in Spanish.

    Best of luck.

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