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Thread: "Never Forget"

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    Default "Never Forget"

    Hi All

    I'm after the translation of "Never Forget" in Spanish. I want this for my next tattoo, so don't trust online translator sites such as Babel Fish etc. I know grammar and context aren't translated properly on those sites. Thus why i'm posting here ^_^

    (As far as context goes, i'm getting this tattoo in honour of my fiancé I lost at the beginning of the year, and a friend I lost a month ago, and to remember a few other things that have happened to me recently.)

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi! First, I'm really sorry for your loses. Next, there are several ways to say so in Spanish. You can say, for instance:

    No olvides nunca -
    Nunca olvides -
    Jamás olvides - (these are all different ways to say "never forget")
    No olvides jamás-

    Maybe, someone can suggest other ideas. Hope it helps! (I particulary like "Jamás olvides", but it's just an opinion)

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    Also, if you are trying to say "I'll never forget you", you can translate it as:

    -Nunca te olvidaré
    -Jamás te olvidaré

    Good luck!!

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    To what audience are you sending your message? To whom are you telling that they should not forget your losses? In other words, are you telling strangers not to forget people they never met? Probably not. Are you telling/reminding yourself not to forget? Could be.

    And just what is your message?

    I suggest that your audience and message be clear in your mind before attempting a translation. If you know your audience, the message should be crystal clear. A few days of thinking about this beat the heck out of years of regret because you chose a translation in haste that was not appropriate.

    "Never forget" is very general in English, but in Spanish, as you can see, what you are asking for can be translated several ways and the meanings (nuances, if you like) of the translations will vary. This isn't something as simple as saying that "cow" in English means "vaca" in Spanish. Spanish can be surprisingly precise. There's a big difference between "Don't (you) forget" and "I'll never forget".

    Good luck. Obviously your friends were very lucky to have known someone like you.

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    Default Why not twisted upside down?

    Couldn't agree more with Thomas! For example, why don't we try to think it in a positive way (i.e. talk about remembering instead of forgetting). It looks it may convey more the meaning of your own thoughts. So...it could be "En mi recuerdo, siempre..." It specifically refers to your lost friends.

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