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Thread: Desperately need immediate help...

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    Smile Desperately need immediate help...


    Certified Rebuild Programs

    · machines built to be rebuilt- 2 lives
    · New Warranty and Serial Number
    · Customized rebuild options available
    · Critical Updates performed
    · 100% Parts

    Price Compared to New
    (Estimate based on
    machine condition)

    CCR (Customer Core)


    CCR (Inventory Core)


    CPT+(Certified Power Train Plus)


    CPT (Certified Power Train)


    Dealer Rebuild


    Component Repair



    System One™ Undercarriage

    · Say “Goodbye” to Pin and Bushing Turns
    · One Piece Sealed Cartridge/Link Assembly
    · Wear Balanced as a unit for longer life
    · Reduced Cost Per Hour
    · Extended Warranty 4 years 6,000 Hours
    · Better Ride
    · Center Tread Idlers
    · Custom Track Service Capable
    · Made to Order available or reduced cost


    Abrasion Resistant Material
    High Abrasion/Low Impact Solution

    · Tungsten Carbide for increased wear life
    · Reduced Cost Per Hour
    · Available on most directly from
    · Completely Customizable through · Reversible


    K-Series™ GET

    · One piece Hammerless Vertical Retention
    · Drive Through Vertical Retention
    · Safer removal and installation
    · Significantly reduced installation time
    · Sharper Penetration
    · Improved tip strength
    · Hardened to DH3
    · Tighter Fit
    · Variety of Shapes and Designs
    · ARM Ready
    · Longer Tip and Adapter life


    Care Kit

    · NO additional cost to participate
    · Convenient program to manage Filter/Preventative Maintenance/Oil Samples
    · Say goodbye to maintaining filter inventories
    · Oil Sampling/Analysis at a Discounted Rate
    · Consolidated packaging
    · Contains all necessary items to perform specified services/designated intervals
    · Subsequent kits delivered automatically
    · Available on products
    · Can Be Customized


    Remanufactured Components

    · Quick Turnaround
    · Same as New Part Warranty
    · Convenient Core Inspection
    · Reduces your cost


    Hydraulic Hose Building

    · trained experts using products
    · Reusable couplings reduce your costs
    · Custom hose building for Any Machine
    · Dealer built and backed
    · Custom Hydraulic Service
    · Strict Contamination Control
    · Quick turnaround
    · Multiple pick up and locations



    · Designed by Machines
    · Improved Filtration for less wear
    · Excellent Micron Rating
    · Spiral Roving/Beading for stability
    · Built/Packaged/Stored in strict contamination controlled environment
    · One Piece Urethane end caps
    · Heavy Gauge Canister
    · One Piece Aluminum Base Plate
    · Nylon Center Tubes


    Oil Sample Results Via Internet

    · DNA Analysis of Fluids
    · What you can’t see can Hurt You
    · Immediate Results on Critical Alerts
    · Oil Sampling History at your finger tips
    · State of the art analysis by trained experts
    · Find Problems early and avoid costly repairs
    · Available on most makes and models
    · Say Goodbye to dealing with waste oil/filters


    Parts Store

    · Instant access to parts availability/PRICING
    · Order Parts from your desk
    · Frequent Order Lists
    · No waiting on the phone
    · 24 hour access
    · Equipment List management
    · Delivery status tracking
    · Core Tracking
    · Unique User Profile
    · Parts Books online
    · Multiple Employee Capable
    · Parts Diagram


    Customer Support Agreements
    Preventative Maintenance/Machine Inspections

    · Outsourced Service Reduces your overhead
    · Expert Oil Analysis
    · specialized PM Technicians
    · After Hours PM’s available increases uptime
    · Filters
    · Available for your fleet
    · Consistency in service intervals


    Product Support Representatives

    · Partners in the Field
    · Undercarriage Management using CTS (Custom Track Service)
    · Your liaison to company· Product experts ready to assist in:
    § Reducing your costs
    § Improving your uptime
    § Achieving best value in · PSR’s that know your business
    · Experts in New Products

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    Hello carolynherrera!
    Are we supposed to translate this?????????????

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    Yes, please help translate...

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    Have you thought of actually paying for a translation? This is not exactly a personal message you want done.

    Where can I post my need for a new car? I'd also like to get a nice sound system. And a chalet in Southern Argentina. (Not too fancy, just something I can brag about.)

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    No quisiera pecar de sarcástico... pero... ¿alguien puede traducir el trabajo que tengo programado para el fin de semana?

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