Hello, I'm having an issue with a delivery from Spain and I would be extremely thankful if someone could help me and translate an email into Spanish.

"Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to you with an issue regarding order number XXXXXXXXX.
The package never reached the adress it was supposed to, and was stopped at the central in Warsaw before being sent back to you.
I do not speak Spanish so I used google translator for the package tracking status messages but it hasn't translated them correctly

and I misunderstood a message that was sent on 23.05.2017 asking for contact and providing the delivery adress again.
The package has been sent back to you on 06.06.2017 and accoring to the tracking status on the page of Correos Express the delivery

arrived back to the central on 13.06.2017
I apologise deeply for the misunderstanding and would like to kindly ask you if possible to send the said package again to the same

adress, which is: XXXXXXXXX
I would be extremely greatful if you would, otherwise I ask you to please contact me so we can come to an agreement about this