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Thread: Estaba equivocado

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    Default Estaba equivocado

    Hello everyone,

    Does “I was mistaken” mean the same as “ I was wrong”?

    Do you know any other ways to say the same?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Estaba equivocado

    HI Irland90,
    You could use "I made a mistake" or "I got confused" (doesnt always apply like the first option though

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    Default Re: Estaba equivocado

    "I was mistaken" and "I was wrong" mean the same.

    In accordance with what nablym says about "I got confused", you could say "I misunderstood".

    You could also say "I made (committed) an error" or "I was in error"

    Depending on the type of mistake there are varying ways of saying it colloquillaly or metaphorically ("I screwed up"; "I dropped the ball", etc.)

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