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Thread: help me to translate this letter in spanish for my love,please

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    Red face help me to translate this letter in spanish,please

    Hello :)
    I'm writing this letter to surprise you and make you smile,cause I adore when you smile.When we said goodbye to each other,I didn't know it would be so difficult being apart from you.You know that both of us are lucky cause we met each other and experienced all those amazing moments together.Do you remember when you threw my sneaker into the pool and then I decided to take a revenge and threw your clothes from the balcony? Do you remember when we bit each other's hands and the war began ? hahaha . Or when we played football and I hit my head to the gates and it hurted so bad that I cried as a 2 year old baby,I still remember your scared face hahaha. Or when we made a big noise,and Narek got angry on us,I was sad sitting in the corner when you came and started to do a massage. You were always there for me when I felt sad and made me smile. But mostly I will always remember when you surprised me in our room in the last night. Our first and awkard kiss.hahaha . Thank you for all these beautiful,crazy and happiest moments. It hurts to be so far away from you and it hurts that we can not be together,cause to be honest we would be a beutiful couple hahaha .
    I would like to wear your sweatshirt to bed,watch scary movies with you,go outside in the night and count stars with you,dance in the rain,go for a walk and do crazy things,act like a fool,laugh untill I can't breathe,hold hands and kiss you every single day/hour/minute/second.
    That's what I want! But you are so far away,damn it!:(
    It's 4 am now and as I write this letter ,it is ilke you are here,next to me,I feel your hand on my shoulder,your fingers in my hair and the soft warm breath of your kiss on my cheek.
    I miss you,my crazy! I still hope that we will meet next year!
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