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    Default fleshpots

    Hola. ¿Me podríais decir qué significa en español "fleshpots" en el texto siguiente?: You find Fairy Water dull; you are longing for the fleshpots of Egypt -for the cucumbers of course- leeks are not esteemed luxurious now as they were some four thousand years back -which even in December grace the tables of those rich enough to pay for them.
    He encontrado la siguiente definición: a pot or vessel containing flesh or meat, pero no sé como se traduce.
    El texto procede de la novela The haunted house at Latchford, de Crlotte Riddell, publicada en 1872.
    Gracias por la ayuda.

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    Default Re: fleshpots

    Sin saber el tono, el contexto entero:

    Fleshpot: a place where people are entertained in ways that relate to physical pleasures (such as drinking and *** s-e-x). En este contexto seria: burdel; lupanar; lugar de mala fama, no?

    En otro contexto seria un lugar donde viven en lujo

    Origin and History for flesh-pot: n. from flesh (n.) + pot (n.1); literally "pot in which flesh is boiled," hence "luxuries regarded with envy," especially in fleshpots of Egypt, from Exodus xvi:3
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